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Handsome I.P. offers a full range of professional, competitively-priced Patent, Design and Trade Mark services covering inventions, intellectual property, innovations, copyright and design.

We are able to provide our services for the UK, European and International I.P. legal systems and, via our trusted contacts overseas, I.P. systems in all other countries and regions of the world. In particular, we can obtain patents, trade marks and registered designs in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, the USA (at the USPTO), Canada and Europe, amongst others.

We are happy to work with all kinds of clients from multi-nationals, through SMEs, to private individuals.

IP Clinics

We are pleased to offer free Intellectual Property Clinics at any of our offices during office hours.

If you would like further information or would like to book an appointment then please Contact us.

Remember, If it's worth copying then it's worth protecting.




You may be surprised to learn that there are millions of pounds available for businesses which want to invest in new technology and/or who want to increase their exports. Over the years we have built up an enviable list of contacts at the various organisations (both governmental and private) which may be able to provide such funding as well as advice, networking opportunities, prototyping, business management and project development for inventors whether they be private individuals or part of a larger organisation. Please contact us for further information.


Product Design

Product Development

We can also advise you on how to go about developing a product to get to the prototype stage, or event to market. We have a large portfolio of professional contacts with specialist skills in most fields of technology. Please feel free to contact us so that we can point you in the right direction.



Searching IP

An I.P. search is the way we go about finding out whether there is any potentially relevant Intellectual Property in the public domain. Knowing what is already out there is of great importance to businesses, whether it enables them to avoid patent or trade mark infringement or whether it allows them to allocate resources to different projects. You may wish to have a search conducted before going to the expense of investing in an idea, or launching a new product/brand.

We offer many different kinds of search, rangind in price from a search for identical registered (word) trade marks, which we routinely do for free, to a patent clearance search. For example, you may wish to have us conduct:-

Novelty Searches
Is your idea, invention, trade mark or logo etc. new? For instance, it may be worthwhile having a search done before going to the effort and cost of manufacturing a product or preparing and filing a new Patent, Design or Trade Mark application.

Clearance or Freedom to Operate Searches
Is your product going to infringe someone elses I.P.? And if so, how can you prevent that from happening? We can also advise on what another person's I.P. actually covers.

Background Research
To find what is already known in a particular area, to help you decide where to focus your Research & Design.

Status Checks
To see if a particular I.P. right is still in force and in which countries.

Searches of Competitors' I.P.
To see what a (potential) competitor is working on / protecting, so that you can get ahead of the game.

As you can appreciate, no search can be 100% accurate, as there may always be items missing from the Search Results. However, we try to ensure that our Searches are as accurate as possible for the costs involved.



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